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2013 Texas Grape Harvest Is A Tale Of Two Worlds

Pedernales Family Harvestby Andrew Chalk

High Plains Devastated – Central Texas Sees Good Harvest

The 2013 Texas grape harvest is a story of contrasts . The High Plains, the most important wine grape area, was hit by no fewer than five frosts in the spring, leading to a 90% decrease in grape output compared with last year. The frosts were, as consultant Bobby Cox wrote “timed to do maximum damage”. The Hill Country, Gulf Coast, and north east of the state saw much better, sometimes very good, conditions.

I posed six questions about the harvest thus far to every winery in Texas. Below I reproduce a selection of the responses that represent the overall picture. It is early days yet, as virtually every respondent remarked, so this report is preliminary. I will have another report around the end of the year.            Continue reading

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Messina Hof Moonlit Harvest

IMG_1715by Andrew Chalk

It is a mid-July evening and I am in Bryan, Texas where I have just arrived at Messina Hof Winery. The temperature is a ‘balmy’ 92⁰ and I am here for their Moonlight Harvest, an event where I will be picking grapes, followed by stomping them and then, this having bonded the 40 or so participants, finishing with a dinner.   Continue reading

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A Chat With Messina Hof Winemaker

Wineby Andrew Chalk

This week Andrew Chalk takes in an interview with the winemaker at Messina Hof, a Texas vineyard established in 1977 by Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo, which is rooted in the union of two family heritages. Winemaker Paul Bonarrigo’s family dates back seven generations to Messina, Sicily. Merrill’s family is from Hof, Germany. Jump for the video. Continue reading


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