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A Chat With Messina Hof Winemaker

Wineby Andrew Chalk

This week Andrew Chalk takes in an interview with the winemaker at Messina Hof, a Texas vineyard established in 1977 by Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo, which is rooted in the union of two family heritages. Winemaker Paul Bonarrigo’s family dates back seven generations to Messina, Sicily. Merrill’s family is from Hof, Germany. Jump for the video. Continue reading


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World Famous German Wine Maker Visits Dallas, Talks Riesling

Raimund-Pruem-a25960891by Andrew Chalk


Palm Bay Imports brought Raimund Prüm, owner and wine maker of S.A. Prum through town this week and I had the honor of interviewing him at Oceanaire. As well as speaking better English than me he also showed his deep commitment to the integrity of the wine from his native Mosel region of Germany, home of some of the best Riesling in the world.

Jump for Andrew’s video interview with the winemaker.    Continue reading

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In a NY Minute: Guide to Germany and Poland

by Jayne M. Chobot

I am full-on in the weeds in my professional life these days and have no idea what time zone I am in right now. But I didn’t want to wait too much longer to write about some of our experiences in Germany and Poland last week as jet lag has a wretched effect on memory. So to get this done I will revert back to my New York disposition and give it to you quick, to the point, and without all of the niceties that get in the way of efficiency. That is, after all, also the German way.
Should you ever need to fly through Frankfurt, stop there instead and rent a car for the weekend. Drive the hour and a half to the quaint little town of Bacharach on the Rhine River and stay in a charming hotel built onto a Medieval wall where your window view includes a castle and the remains of a cathedral.

Walk through on the cobblestone streets and hike up into the vineyards and have a cup of coffee in that castle and enjoy the view of the river valley early in the morning. Should you take a boat up the Rhine to see the Rheinsfels Castle in St. Goar, be sure to confirm the return times. If you don’t and the boat doesn’t arrive, take the train and don’t worry if the ticket machine doesn’t work- the conductor is cool.

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