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Truluck’s Celebrates the Lobster National Lobster Day – September 25

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Lobsters are interesting – and delicious – creatures. Did you know that in the colonial era, lobsters were the go-to prison food? Only the poor, indentured servants, and prisoners ate lobsters because they were cheap, too plentiful, and considered “tasteless.” According to 19th century Kentucky politician and social observer, John Rowan, the lobster quickly became synonymous with lower classes of society and quipped “Lobster shells about a house are looked upon as signs of poverty and degradation.” Continue reading

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Lobster Porn To Celebrate National Lobster Day

Maine-lobsterby Steven Doyle

In celebration of National Lobster Day we pay a visit to local restaurants in search of our favorite lobster dishes. We have a smattering of rolls, plates of crustacean, and even the best enchilada that can be found in Dallas. Enjoy lobster the Crave way.
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