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Harvest the Benefits of an Urban Flock

by Leslie Finical Halleck

Knowing exactly where your food comes from is comforting, to say the least. Knowing how your food is treated while it’s alive is even better. Because eggs are my primary source of animal protein, it’s important for me to know the chickens that produce them have a happy and healthy life. Keeping and caring for my own backyard chickens is the best way for me to ensure they do.

There is a big difference between a store-bought egg and a farm fresh egg. Factory farmed chickens are confined to small spaces with no access to the outdoors. Precious sunlight and foraging are not a part of their lives. Our options at the grocery store are better now that stores carry more organic and free-range eggs. However, even chickens raised in large scale “organic” or “free-range” operations may be confined with limited outdoor access for a majority of their life. As a result, a typical grocery store egg tends to be somewhat runny with a pale yellow yolk.       Continue reading

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Ugly Garden Contest 2012

by Jerry Stewart

Have you been neglecting your lawn lately? Do your neighbors walk quickly to their front door when they see you? It could be you have an ugly garden. Enter and win North Haven Garden’s Ugly Garden Contest for 2012.

The booty for being so neglectful could pay off big time for one lucky yard and the prizes include $1,000 Gift Certificate to North Haven Gardens from Soil Menders, Blue Label Herbs & North Haven Gardens. Vital Earth will pitch in one pallet of organic compost and one  pallet of hardwood mulch ($500 value). From Nature’s Guide you will receive more than $150 worth of organic garden products including mosquito repellant, liquid seaweed, root stimulator and more.

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