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Merry, Merry Cheeseburger Day to Pat Snuffer

DSC08947by Steven Doyle

We do not celebrate all the supposed national food holidays, especially since burgers has at least three including todays National Cheeseburger celebration. Actually this is one celebration that we should all stand behind.

Coincidentally, we had a few delicious cheeseburgers last night at Pat and Mike’s in North Dallas.  This is Pat and Mike who happen to have the last name Snuffer. Pat Snuffer opened his namesake restaurant when he was thirty years old and since has gone on to be one of the most celebrated restaurateurs in Dallas. We could name a few others, but this isn’t their day, is it? Continue reading

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Pat’s and Mike’s Opens Monday, November 10th

pat'sby Steven Doyle

It has been a while since we have heard from pat Snuffer, the original owner of Snuffer’s where we could always depend on a great burger, some Tex Mex selections and those heaven;y gooey cheddar fries.  Pat was busy this summer re-branding himself, with the help of his son and long time partner Steve Cole. Monday, November 10, 2014 Snuffer opens his new restaurant, Pat’s and Mike’s which is located in the former Battuto location at Preston and Frankford.

We received word via Snuffer earlier today that he would indeed open Monday. Look for a few burgers, but Pat’s and Mike’s will not be burger-centric. Highlights will include stone oven baked pizzas, roasted brisket, stuffed baked potatoes, hand breaded chicken tenders and salads. All the burgers will be made with an exclusive Angus Chuck and Short Rib blend. A variety of sliders including a Cheddarburger (Snuffer has an aversion to saying “cheese”), chicken, meatball and brisket all share space on the one page menu.  Continue reading


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