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Chef Patrick Stark Unveils New Concept


Sgt Spuds is chef Patrick Stark’s new venture where he has created a potato “hand grenade” that is hollowed and stuffed with a variety of BBQ meats and a host of sauces. Currently the Spuds will be available at events throughout Dallas and Fort Worth with a concentration on breweries as both a catered meal or as part of a beer pairing.

Sgt Spuds benefits Patrick Stark’s 501(c)3 Charity Mohawk Militia which has been instrumental in assisting veterans with food and other necessities, and soon will donate 2,000 men’s suits by distributing them to local charitable organizations that would fit the clothing to those in need. Continue reading

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Pommes Souffle At Resto Gastro Bistro

pommesby Steven Doyle

Yesterday Chef DJ Quintanilla at Resto Gastro Bistro sent word that he is now making pommes soufflé, one of my very favorite incarnations of the potato. This is an elegant dish that is simple to make but a bit more difficult to master.

Pomes Souffle were accidentally discovered in 1837 during the inauguration of a new railway line from Paris to Saint-Germain-en-Lay. A luncheon was scheduled for the dignitaries at the restaurant in the new station and the train was had problems making it up a steep slope at the final approach to the station. The chef prepared some sliced fried potatoes at the appointed time, but the guests did not arrive on time due to the rail difficulties.

Legend has it that the chef had to remove the half cooked potatoes and allow them to drain and cool. The train eventually made it up the descent so the chef added the potatoes quickly into hot oil, and to his surprise they puffed.    Continue reading


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