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Resto Gastro Bistro Closing

DSC07975by Steven Doyle

We received word yesterday that there is yet another fall-out in the restaurant industry, this time in Trinity Groves.

We have written many times about one of our favorites located just across the Hunt-Hill bridge in west Dallas, Resto Gastro Bistro. Cheffed and owned by DJ Quintanilla, he sent word that they were indeed closing. Here is that missive:   Continue reading


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Resto Gastro Bistro to Host 44 Farms Dinner October 29th

44 farmsby Steven Doyle

It has been about a year since I last visited the people at 44 Farms. You most likely recognize the name from the many top quality menus that feature their beef. They feature the beef for good reasons. Such as the fact that 44 Farms refuses to use hormones for their grass fed beef, and have strict quality control over their herd. It is also important to know where your food is grown and how it is handled. The transparency makes a world of difference.  Continue reading

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Resto Gastro Bistro Offering Giant Haunch Of Mishima Reserve Wagyu

restoby Steven Doyle

Mishima Reserve is the premier brand of US produced Wagyu beef. Raised by a small network of conscientious family ranches where clean air and water, a temperate climate, and the availability of high quality of feeds, all contribute to the extraordinary quality of this beef. Mishima Reserve Wagyu cattle are raised naturally without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are bred from the highest quality Wagyu bloodlines bred with top quality Angus cattle. All Mishima Reserve cattle are at least 50% Wagyu, and some have a much higher percentage. Starting with the best selection of cattle, Mishima Reserve Wagyu are raised in a comfortable, controlled environment, fed only high quality grains and grasses, resulting in a distinct beef with maximum flavor, tenderness and consistency.    Continue reading

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Resto Gastro Bistro Makes A Ridiculously Good Burger

DSC06005by Steven Doyle

Oh lordy we love a good burger.  Just when we thought we have tried every burger in this meat-loving city, we discover another treasure trove and fantastic versions. This week we discovered one that is only served at lunch, and is chef-driven. That is a term for kicked up, meaty and packed full of culinary loving.   Continue reading

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Eat Me: The 30 Ounce 44 Farms Tomahawk From Resto Gastro Bistro

rgbby Steven Doyle

Beef is pretty popular this season, and chef-owner DJ Quintanilla from Resto Gastro Bistro is throwing down a gauntlet-sized haunch from 44 Farms. Gather your taste imagination for this. The slab of bone-in ribeye is cooked with a Chicago-style crust, served with a side of smoked mozzarella creamed spinach, and topped with pats of compound butter made with black garlic, shallots, jalapeno, cracked black pepper, sea salt, green onions and parsley. That smoked mozz is from Deep Ellum and the side is made with butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, and spinach. Drool.    Continue reading

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Date Night in Dallas: Memorable Evenings For $100 Or Less.

couple-holding-hands-sitting2by Mike Marrero

This column is intended to help couples, whether single or married, to have special date nights that do not break the bank, while still experiencing fantastic evenings with high quality food and drinks. My intention is to provide you with suggestions to help prevent date night monotony.

For our first date night recommendation, your first stop will be Resto Gastro Bistro in the up-and-coming Trinity Groves neighborhood. Resto is west of downtown Dallas across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge at 3011 Gulden Ln. Valet is complimentary, and there is plenty of self-parking spaces available too.   Continue reading

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