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Cirque Out Will Fulfill Your Freakish Dreams

by Steven Doyle

When I was a wee lad I co0nsidered joining the circus. The free and easy life as a juggler, a clown, or God forbid a trapeze artist. My innate fear of heights wouldn’t be over come for many years when I dabbled with flight, but I still long to be a juggler.

So deftly the juggler manipulates a variety of objects from little red balls, to bowling pins and chainsaws saws. These performers make it look all so easy. I can still barely juggle two wads of paper with out looking like an awkward  baby giraffe standing for the very first time.

Now there is hope for us closest circus freaks. There is a club called Cirque Out, which is actually part of the same group that brings you Circus Freaks each week. The same people that perform at many functions across the city, making children of all ages squeal with whimsy.  Continue reading

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