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Local Oak For Plenty Of Bacon and A Side Of Tito

DSC09905by Steven Doyle

I stopped by Local Oak this week for a small bite and a few libations and was pleased to see the owners scurrying about.  I am talking Felix Garcia, Paul Delgado and Alycen Cuellar. These are first time restaurateurs, but you probably spotted a familiar name in the bunch. Cuellar is one of ‘those’ Cuellars. You know, from the multi-million dollar El Chico empire that started as a small tamale stand t an east Texas county fair back in 1926. But don’t let this fact detract from the fact that Local Oak is sturdy all on its own, and with only a whiff of Tex Mex to be found on the menu.

The menu is almost difficult to describe. There is a really good burger, a Cobb salad, Frito pie, and green chile chicken enchiladas to choose from. Actually, the menu is quite short, but that is changing very soon with the addition of at least five new items being added next week. We will most likely want to revisit once that good news has been announced.  Continue reading

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