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An Interesting Indian Restaurant Survives In Irving


by Andrew Chalk

Irving is one of the two top destinations in the Dallas area for Indian food (the other being Plano). However, most establishments are content to survive on a combination of a lunchtime steam table and an à la carte evening menu constructed around stereotypical Indian dishes (much as hoards of Italian neighborhood restaurants turn out an endless repertoire of “me-too” red sauce dishes).

As much as I love the bargain that is the Indian lunch buffet and the favorites on the stereotypical Indian menu, my greatest excitement is engendered by the discovery of a restaurant doing something new, even bordering on ambitious.     Continue reading

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Chef Tarasevich Goes Underground For A Night

tarasevichby Steven Doyle

Chef Daniel Tarasevich is planning an underground dinner to show off an idea he has for a restaurant he plans to open later in 2014. We will let the chef explain the special evening that takes place July 17th.   Continue reading

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