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Niwa Brings An Authentic Yakiniku Experience To Deep Ellum

Niwa_interiorby Steven Doyle

Opening in 2016 Niwa brings true Japanese BBQ (yakiniku) to Deep Ellum on Main Street. Similar to Korean BBQ, which most of our readers might be familiar with, the Japanese have a bit more finesse.

In a Korean BBQ restaurant, you’ll usually be served with marinated meat that’s ready for grilling. It is also not uncommon for the servers to cut the meat for you using scissors and to actually grill them right in front of you. Meats on yakiniku restaurants, on the other hand, are generally not marinated when served. Instead, the cut pieces of meat are neatly served on a plate together with raw vegetables. Consider yakiniku a higher quality meal choice with better cuts of meat and ventilation system. You will not walk away smelling of grilled meats, although that could be considered a higher form of pheromone.  Continue reading

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