Top 5 Chandeliers in Dallas

by Steven Doyle     Photos by Robert Bostick

I have been noticing a few cool things happening while casually looking about in restaurants both old and new. This first happened while dining at Dallas’ latest wunderkind Lucia owned by Jennifer and David Uygur. Shortly after that happenstance I saw it again while getting my nosh-on at another fairly new restaurant, Crossroads Diner. This got us thinking in the boardroom at Crave: who has the best chandeliers in Dallas?

Here is what we consider the top five in no particular order. If you know of some really cool ones let us know.

The Lucia spoon lighting was found on one of the Uygur’s excursions to find some cool décor for their new restaurant. It works just as well as chef David’s charcuterie.

This hand-blown crystal chandelier from Murano, Italy, with its back drop of trompe l’oeil celestial paintings, is just one of the many priceless chandeliers that was originally appointed by Adophus Busch almost 100 years ago in the Adolphus Hotel’s French Room.

Designed in 1994 by Ingo Maurer this chandelier is made up of broken china. It is named Porca Miseria, literally Italian for ‘dirty miserable pig’ or a slang for ‘what bad luck’. One was commissioned for the blue dining room at Waddesdon Manor by Lord Rothschild, this one is hanging in the dining room at Tracy and Kent Rathbun‘s home and came from the restaurant Voltaire (which opened the same year as Kent’s Abacus.)

This beauty is the brainchild of the restaurant’s owners and was conceived while discussing the décor, explained chef Tom Fleming of Crossroads Diner. It is simply a series of wire whips from restaurant-sized Hobart mixers.

This chandelier can be seen at Palamino located in the Crescent Court along with other beatiful works of art like that of Fernand Léger. We also appreciate their warm pear bread pudding.



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