How Good Is The In-N-Out Burger?

In-N-Out Burger

by Steven Doyle

How good are the In-N-Out burgers that are about to sweep through the Dallas Fort Worth area? Several of us on the Crave staff have enjoyed the burger in the past and will of course be doing some side-by-side comparisons this coming week, but we recall back in January a particularly nasty incident involving LA Lakers Ron Artest and LA Clippers Blake Griffin that brought the family owned burger chain to the headlines. 

After a heated call that resulted in a technical foul, the NBA eventually rescinded the $8000 fine and all was forgiven. This was a good thing for Artest and he went on to make further comments:

“I could’ve bought 10,000 In-N-Out Burgers, [with the hefty cash fine]” he said. “I rather would’ve done that than give it away. I’m going to get 10 burgers [after the announcement]. I love In-N-Out. It’s addicting. It’s the only reason I’m here in L.A. If it wasn’t for In-N-Out Burger, I probably would’ve gone to Memphis or something.”

The Dallas Mavericks crushed the Lakers yesterday in a 122 to 86 slaughter. Since In-N-Out doesn’t premier in the Dallas area until Wednesday of this week we wonder if the 260 pound forward made his way to a Whataburger instead after the defeat?



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2 responses to “How Good Is The In-N-Out Burger?

  1. Mary Gerush

    My husband lived in the land of In-N-Out in his past. He claimed they had the best burgers, but i was unconvinced until I tried one on my last trip to San Fran. He even convinced me to try a double-double with no toppings (usually get all the normal stuff on top of my burgers), and it was fab — you could taste the meat and bread and cheese in their unadorned state. Yum!!! We’ve tried to recreate them at home, but we haven’t quite perfected it. It will be nice to have the real deal close by!

  2. Hubbard

    I eagerly await my very first In-N-Out burger! I’m fairly easily satisfied in the burger department, frankly. I’ll be curious to see if they live up to the hype.

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