New Location for Taco Guero

by Steven Doyle

Our eagle-eyed legal friend Michael Hubbard (you may know his delightful wife  Margie of Dallas Eats fame) has spotted a new restaurant in Dallas and this is a place we can all rally around. If you recall our Taco Tour  some months back, many of us touring felt the best taco in Dallas comes from Taco Guero. Now find a new location for the tiny taco stand. 

The original only held perhaps a half dozen people, even though for lunches about 30 people can be seen crammed into the galley-style corridor. The taco is just that good and highly praised by Dalals taco guru José Ralat Maldonado who just last night told me that is still his favorite taco in Dallas.

The new location will be at 7233 Gaston Avenue , the former location of Popeye’s Chicken, next to the East Dallas YMCA.

Now you can enjoy your lengua or suadero tacos with our rubbing elbows (and nasty’s) with your fellow diner.  We just hope and pray that the new digs will not affect their taco methods.


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4 responses to “New Location for Taco Guero

  1. Steve, have you tried Ghogi to Go?

  2. I have, love the tacos.

  3. Seeing that sign yesterday made Hubbard’s day!

  4. Hubbard

    I am soooooooo excited!

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