Drink of the Week: Twisted Root Whiskey Float

by Steven Doyle

As we search the city for the next best cocktail it may be important to note that we can find these in the most unusual places. This week certainly helps ring true to that statement as we looked in on a local burger restaurant after hearing so many great things about a few of the drinks being concocted without us.

Never one to miss out on a good thing we headed over to the SMU location of Twisted Root, certainly the most unpretentious spot to have a good drink. Besides burgers, fries and some amazing pickles, we recently named Twisted Root as having one of the best hot dogs  in Dallas. Not because they have ultra-cool buns or intriguing meats like kobe or even pygmy marmoset. No, we loved ‘em because they’re deep fried before the brazen bun insertion. 

As we made our way across the bar the sign that stood sentry overhead listed some of the drink options. Store manager Lisa Wilde noted that each Twisted Root pretty much follows a guideline of cocktails, regardless how crazy they may be. But each location has the ability to get a feel for the local flavor and create their own cocktail list as well.

If you happen to be sitting at the bar when they decide to make a new libation, you stand a chance at being their guinea pig and happy recipient of a free drink.

Today I was after something cool and refreshing. I heard legend of a whiskey float made with ice cream and wanted to see if it was as palatable as it sounded. Enter barman David Rios.

“We do make some pretty crazy drinks here. Some of the favorites are the prickly pear margaritas and the root beer float shot,” mentioned Rios as he began to assemble my whiskey float.

The prickly pear is made with tequila, triple sec, prickly pear and lime juices. They say it really rocks.

Here is the Whiskey Float:

Barman David Rios asked if I had a preference of whiskey.  I used my best Jedi Mind Trick and he quickly pulled the Maker’s Mark from the shelf.

The frozen custard Twisted Root uses is their own special recipe they make each day.

A squirt of Coke gives this drink its finishing touch and a bit of fizzy body.

Rios and Wilde just taunted me with the adult shake. They did eventually make me one, too.  The first taste was a strong Makers flavor followed by the slight sweetness of the custard. 

I can see this pairing very well with a burger, or stand alone on a frightfully hot Summer afternoon. Enjoy crave’s Drink of the Week!



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3 responses to “Drink of the Week: Twisted Root Whiskey Float

  1. Ariana

    yummmm, I need to get one!!!!

  2. Seafood Rules

    hopefully the drinks can make up for a crap burger

  3. Marcello

    Those Twisted guys, always something awesome!

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