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2012 Dive Bar Tour Rolls Through Dallas

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick 

Planning the latest Dallas Bus Tour was a blast. Previous editions included tours that explored Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, and even vegan food in Dallas. The trick behind a successful tour I am finding is not to over think the process. Load up 25 adults onto a bus full of beer, wine and cocktails and point them in any direction and they will have fun.

Such is the case for the latest tour which explored dive bars of Dallas. Now here might be the rub for some, what exactly is a dive bar? I have my definition, you have yours. However, for the first tour exploring almost only alcohol I wanted to play it safe. No stabbings, no arrests, no crying.            Continue reading

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828 Opens With a Splash

Brian McCullough and Michael Martensen

by Steven Doyle

Last evening we popped into 828, the pop-up speakeasy in Oak Cliff that benefit’s the Promise House, and found a whole host of DFW cocktail legends behind and in front of the bar.

The brainchild of Michael Martensen and Eddie “Lucky” Campbell who will soon open their own bar tentatively entitled Rock and Rye, are using the lounge as a launch pad for the bar and to raise funds for the charity.   Continue reading


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Crave Happy Hour: Anvil Pub Featuring Devil’s Cut

by Steven Doyle

Earlier this year Jim Beam announced a new premium bourbon called Devil’s Cut. The 90 proof liquor gets its moniker from old distillery slang for the raw whiskey that evaporates during the aging process. The portion that is lost due to pure evaporation through the barrel is known as the Angel’s Share. The portion that is absorbed and trapped in the barrel’s wood is known as the Devil’s Cut.

Through a special process the distiller is able to retrieve and add back the Devil’s Cut to an extra-aged 6-year bourbon to create this finely-balanced, smooth blend that has an aroma of brown sugar and vanilla and warms with a slight cinnamon spiciness derived from the barrel.  Continue reading


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The New Faces at Bolsa

by Steven Doyle

Last evening I found myself marching into Bolsa for their weekly cocktail challenge where they ask their Facebook friends to suggest ingredients. I always suggest “a duck” in the same voice of Arthur Pendragon as portrayed in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, but have yet to see this make it to the menu. There is always hope.

The challenge is simple, the boys behind the bar at Bolsa cull suggestions for a single spirit each week and draw the ideas from a hat. Literally a hat that was most likely made at House of MacGregor, the haberdashery located in the tiny showroom above the Oak Cliff restaurant. From a list of five ingredients the bartenders whip up five cocktails and offer each of them on Wednesdays for an even five bucks. It’s a great program.     Continue reading

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Drink of the Week: Twisted Root Whiskey Float

by Steven Doyle

As we search the city for the next best cocktail it may be important to note that we can find these in the most unusual places. This week certainly helps ring true to that statement as we looked in on a local burger restaurant after hearing so many great things about a few of the drinks being concocted without us.

Never one to miss out on a good thing we headed over to the SMU location of Twisted Root, certainly the most unpretentious spot to have a good drink. Besides burgers, fries and some amazing pickles, we recently named Twisted Root as having one of the best hot dogs  in Dallas. Not because they have ultra-cool buns or intriguing meats like kobe or even pygmy marmoset. No, we loved ‘em because they’re deep fried before the brazen bun insertion.  Continue reading


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“Lucky” Campbell New Bar Director of Bailey’s

By Steven Doyle

As most know by now one of craveDFW’s friends “Lucky” Campbell has resigned at Bolsa and Saturday night will be his final stand behind that bar that has elevated him to star status in Dallas-Fort Worth. We also have known for quite some time that Campbell will be joining forces with Cedars Social co-owner and bar wizard Michael Martensen to create a new speakeasy style bar in the coming months located at 1404 Main Street in downtown Dallas. The location for the new bar has legend surrounding the fact it might have been owned by Oswald assassin Jack Ruby.

Today we can reveal that Eddie “Lucky” Campbell has been hired as Bar Program Director for Edward C. Bailey Enterprises, owners of Bailey’s Prime Plus and Patrizio‘s. Martensen has also been retained as creative consultant.  Continue reading


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