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Ben and Jerry Have Shweddy Balls

by Steven Doyle

It’s not April first, so we have no reason to believe this is a hoax, but according to the Ben and Jerry website they plan to introduce a new flavor lovingly named “Shweddy Balls”.

Presumably both Ben and Jerry agree this is a flavor you will not be able to resist, naming the new flavor after a Saturday Night Live bit that featured Alec Baldwin as deadpan confectioner Pete Shweddy who often appeared on a public access program called “The Delicious Dish”.     Continue reading

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Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

by Crave Staff

We would like to try a new feature each week called Watcha Doin’ This Weekend. This will be a great forum to share ideas on the happenings in Dallas and Fort Worth. What special restaurant do you have reservations for tonight? You may also brag about any weekend travel plans.

Also, we would like to invite any establishment wishing to announce a special, opening, or concert to share with us here. Consider this a free ad.  Continue reading


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