Tesar Sweeps Extreme Chef

by Steven Doyle

We reported days ago about chef John Tesar of The Commissary  competing in the Food Network Extreme Chef competition, and last night we slipped in the to watch the program at the One Arts Plaza restaurant with the chef.

For those that haven’t heard, he did win the $10,000 prize. He beat out two very competent and competitive chefs in racing across a farm to gather ingredients, milking cows and ultimately cooking with a blow torch and a hack saw.    

“It was an amazing opportunity. It was two arduous 15 days on the set. Regardless that it looks like a competition on TV, it’s still television. There was a crew of about 50 people from policemen to medics, five cameramen, the director and such. After the competition was over we had to re-shoot a lot of things, like running the obstacle course, running with the wheel barrow. But I was really proud of this show. The food was good, the competition was great,” said Tesar after the program had aired.

He received a long round of applause when they announced the winner and said that he was looking forward to a possible Ultimate Extreme Chef.

As for the money and how it might be spent, Tesar said he hadn’t received the check yet but was sure it would go to good use.

We asked about the restaurant and he had this to offer, “A lot of changes are taking place, service is getting better. We closed The Table but we are about to open it back up again. It will be called One Art. The One Art is about the art of being a chef. There will be two seating’s, five nights a week. Much like Ad Hoc. There will be 3 courses or more. It will cost a flat $55. Everything farm to table and local as humanly possible. Less reliant on foie and truffles.”

Of course we couldn’t stop in the Commissary without having a bite, so we tried one of his specials, the lobster roll which was chockfull of lobster and a great send up to the classic dish. Tesar was also serving clams which were nothing short of amazing. Plumb and full of flavor, the clams were served with a side of butter and clam liquor.



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  3. I’m always for the local boy taking home the gold!

  4. anonymous

    too bad he is such a jerk in real life

  5. thomas ford

    Well, i didn’t post the previous comment but i’m not afraid to use my real name and confirm that, yeah, tesar’s a jerk with major issues. Happy?

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