Restaurant Week Secrets Revealed

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

Restaurant Week  is blasting through full swing in Dallas and for those poor souls that have yet to make a reservation you may be out of luck. Of course we are here to help you through this difficult problem.

As you may be aware, Restaurant Week benefit’s the North Texas Food Bank (Dallas) and the Lena Pope Home (Fort Worth). Last year this event raised over $600,000 for the charities. Over 100 restaurants participate in this one to three week long event offering a prix fixe dinner for $35 with an extra course available with a Central Market’s  token offered with a $25 purchase at their store.

We spoke to a few restaurants today to see if there were any  tricks in getting a reservation during what can be the busiest hospitality season of the year. What we found should make you smile. 

Not all the restaurants are totally booked. Some people find value in checking out what might be considered the pricier restaurants first with places like the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek certainly fill up the fastest.

Speaking with the Mansion’s chef Bruno Davaillon he does confirm that the restaurant has been booked for Restaurant Week but suggests that you try out his restaurant for lunch. There you will have the exact same menu and elegant service as the night time patrons for the same cost. There is a certain advatange of a lingering luncheon at the Mansion during the day time. Also, you may call and check for any last minute cancellations for evening reservations.

Chef Samir Dhurandhar of Nick and Sam’s  is far more optimistic and invites everyone to call the restaurant and make a reservation. He says he will never turn away anyone, but may park you at the bar if there is a wait — but he will buy you a few glasses of wine which is fantastic. The bar offers complimentary caviar anyway, so this is not a bad thing, and their menu  is sparkling.

Chef Andre Natera of the Pyramid at the Fairmont  says the he is not fully booked, but the prime weekend spots are taken. The chef advises to call and be put on the waiting list if you are really wanting those spots.  Otherwise, there are some flexible time slots during the week at the very beautiful restaurant. The menu  looks amazing and features their Carrot Cake Cheesecake as an option for dessert.

Chef-owner Abraham Salum of Komali and his namesake restaurant Salum  confides that they are booked, but offers, “There are no real secrets. Be flexible. Everyone wants 7:30. If you are willing to come in early or late we can squeeze you in.”

If Salum is booked but willing to squeeze in the more persistent guest, that is a great secret revealed.

Natalie Diaz of Abacus advises that August 23rd and 24th there are a few reasonable openings for couples before 10pm at Abacus. One of Chef Rathbun’s starter choices includes a Crispy Maryland Softshell Crab with Myer Lemon Aioli, Watercress and Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette. There are many choices for all courses at Abacus making this something very special.

There are other establishments willing to help out more flexible guests. We spoke with Suze chef de cuisine Jeffery Hobbs and he also claims to be booked, but if you are willing to come in around 9:30 he will most likely have a table in the small, but amazing restaurant in his North Dallas neighborhood. By the way, this is one of Abraham Salum’s favorite restaurants in Dallas.

So a few conversations revealed that these restaurants are willing to work with their patrons and we suggest you give your favorite a call to test this information. Drop us a line if you have any difficulties.

All that said, where do you have reservations for Restaurant Week? Please share your experiences here at craveDFW.


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4 responses to “Restaurant Week Secrets Revealed

  1. Picked up a reservation for The Grape last night. I just couldn’t resist. The menu looks delicious!

  2. slade

    Pappas on Thursday!

  3. Alex Faz

    Have reservations for Al Biernats steakhouse on Monday the menu looks wonderful

  4. Shannon

    Ate at Nobu on Monday and as always was treated to a wonderful meal. I would definitely go with the salmon for your entree but our group tried all the salads and loved each of them. Being a group of women we all went with the chocolate dessert and were not disappointed. I’m not usually a foam person but the banana foam with the beer chocolate mousse cake was a pleasant surprise. Overall A+ Nobu!

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