Dallas Chocolate Conference 2011

by Steven Doyle

There comes a time in ones life when you must throw caution to the wind and simply indulge. This weekend is certainly one of those occasions. There will be chocolate abound as DallasChocolate.org presents their Chocolate Conference 2011 at the Addison Conference Center. There you will find an amazing amount of samples and learn a great deal at the Chocolate Academy that has a full schedule all day during the conference.

We have included a full list of participants and the conference schedule below. 

Participating Chocolatiers:

CocoAndré Chocolatier, Wiseman House Chocolates,Collin College, Nib Chocolates, Sublime Chocolate, Toffee Treats, Chocolate Secrets, Dr. Sue’s Chocolate, Elegantly Chocolate, Callebaut, Oh * Brownie, with special guests Shawn Askinosie (Askinosie Chocolate), Art Pollard (Amano Artisan Chocolate), Clay Gordon (TheChocolateLife), Adrienne Newman (Madame Cocoa).

Class Schedule:

10:00 am Chocolatiers’
11:00 am Chocolate Makers’
12:00 pm Baked Chocolate
Desserts (w/Joe Garza)
1:00 pm Everything You Ever
Wanted to Know About
Chocolate (w/Clay
2:00 pm Chocolate Making 101
(w/Shawn Askinosie)
3:00 pm A Tour of the Chocolate
Shop (w/Kevin Wenzel)
4:00 pm The Mystique of
Chocolate Plastique
(w/Michele Brown)

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