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ArtLoveMagic Underground 2012 Tonight

by Courtney Crush

It’s that time of year again. Sweaty palms… jumbled thoughts… last minute mental rewinds… the unexpected quickening of what once went pitter patter as the dinner bell vibrates in the resounding clang of unspoken intimacy, understanding, and validation in four shared hours. “Nervous excitement” will come along once the curtain has already been drawn and there is time to reflect on the absolute greatness and freedom that came to pass at Underground 2012.

Valentine’s Day comes and goes and what memories survive the firesetting of Cupid’s arrows gone awry are more likely than not lost in the gifting and not much of a memory at all. It serves optimistically as an opportunity to correct the most egregious mistakes in gifting that closed out the previous year. I don’t mind crossing my fingers for you star crossed lovers out there. Romance is an art. I believe in Art. I believe in Love. I believe in Magic. As for February traditions? I believe in ArtLoveMagic.        

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Wachu TacoBot, Willis? The Cedar’s Social

By Danielle Leahym         photos by Jacque Manaugh

The Cedar’s Social is one of the most buzzed about restaurants in Dallas this year. With is dark, sexy 70’s throwback interior, amazing and exhaustively researched drink menu, and ownership by former NFL player Brian Williams there are lots of reason The Cedar’s Social keeps popping up in the news around town, not the least of which has to do with it’s food. The food here is very good, in many cases great. Sure it can be on the pricey side but many agree what it might lack in affordability it more than makes up for in ambiance, mood, music, and execution.

If you want a romantic date night that doesn’t feel traditional, campy, or old fashioned The Cedar’s Social is the place for you. If you want some of the best drinks in town made by the some of the best bartenders in DFW, then The Cedar’s Social is the place for you. But what if you want tacos? Well thank God for The Cedar’s Social $2 Taco Tuesday’s because in this most holiest of food genres, The Cedars Social also has you covered.       Continue reading


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Meet Cedar’s Bartender Trina Nishimura

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

I like to fancy myself as a cocktail specialist. I like to drink them. I like to make them. I like to discuss them when I am not drinking or making them.  One thing I recently noted while making my way across the city in search of something new to sip, the craft cocktail movement that is taking Dallas by storm lacks representation by the fairer sex.  There are plenty of women that can toss a gin and tonic and open a bottle of beer, but there are very few that are making the crazy good pre-Prohibition stuff.

I have enjoyed the drinks that Louise Owens makes at Windmill Lounge for years, and she is tops in her game. But trying to think of another woman that is throwing down high octane drinks with flair, and I am remiss.  That is until I ran into Trina Nishimura at Cedars Social on Lamar.       Continue reading


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More Pork Belly For You To Enjoy

by Steven Doyle

Sometimes weeks go by without having something truly amazing that screams dog’s bollocks on the palate. We trifle through plates of uninspired hummus and casual cheeseburgers. Sometimes there are tirades of sad pizza, or the many enchiladas that claim to be the most original but fall short in a puddled grease bomb.

These are the dishes we are not sharing with you. Our philosophy at craveDFW is fairly simple. We must crave the dish before we can write about the dish. This is why you typically will not see negative criticisms on these pages.   Continue reading


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Absinthe In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Absinthe carries a large stigma that we often associate with the Jazz Age, an era where writers and other artists were thought to have droned out on the liqour in a psychedelic mind meld due to one of its flavoring ingredients, wormwood. Although wormwood does contain an agent called Thujone, little of the toxin may be found in Absinthe as most of it is removed during distilling. The sprit was banned in many countries due to the wild stories associated with the drink, some of this hysteria induced by winemaker’s associations. It was finally banned in the United States in 1912.   Continue reading

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Chains on the Brain

by Crave Staff

South Side on Lamar hosts Chains on the Brain, a photography exhibit by Texas artist David Goff at the Janette Kennedy Gallery August 9 – 18. Goff’s collection is designed to cast an eye on the concept of mental limitations by using strong surreal imagery creating 3-D like depth that dominates both the conscious and unconscious mind. Fans of Goff’s work will be given a chance to meet him Friday, August 12 from 7 – 11 p.m.

For more information regarding the Janette Kennedy Gallery contact Shannon McMahen at 214-485-7015 or

What: Chains on the Brain Photography Exhibit
Where: Janette Kennedy Gallery
South Side on Lamar
 1409 S. Lamar Street, Dallas
 When: Exhibit dates: August 9-18
 Gallery hours 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. everyday
 Meet the artist: August 12, 7 – 11 p.m.
 Cost: Free

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