Texas Rangers Eat Octopus Balls

By Steven Doyle

Reality television is all around Dallas. It’s hard to make a turn in a Dallas night club without bumping into the latest film crew. That is why we were a bit perplexed to hear a crew was filming at TJ’s Seafood Market on Preston Road today.

As it turns out a crew from Japan is in town filming a set on two Texas Ranger players who are from Japan. There pitchers Koji Uehara and Yoshinori Tateyama are legends and the Osaka film crew are in Dallas to pay homage to the players. 

While in town they crew plans to make a few dishes in the locker room at the Ball Park at Arlington.

Says Jon Alexis, owner of TJ’s, “We’re still not exactly sure what they were filming, but apparently a TV show out of Osaka, Japan was filming a TV show about the Japanese players on the Rangers. They bought octopus (Tako) from TJ’s and were taking it to the Rangers clubhouse to make Takoyaki – basically dumplings filled with Octopus. They filmed for about 15-20 minutes including the sushi-grade products we sell at TJ’s and TJ’s staff fileting a Bay of Fundy salmon.”

Takoyaki is the traditional Japanese street food filled with pieces of octopus and usually coated with bonito flakes, seaweed and a creamy mirin-mayo (tonkatsu) sauce.

We have some raw footage of the seafood purchase.

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