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A Variety Of Dumplings In Dallas

by Steven Doyle          pictured: Gnudi

Dumplings are simply cooked dough. Each culture has their own version and they can be steamed, poached, boiled, baked or fried. When thinking dumpling, many will immediately gear towards the Asian cultures with their plentiful varieties, but there are so many more representations of the dumpling and most are available in Dallas.

When looking for the perfect dumpling look no further than a pierogi, the boiled or baked dish with Central European roots can be filled with meat, cheese, fruit and even sauerkraut. A popular filling in the United States is the venerable potato.  Continue reading

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Dim Sum Of This At Kirin Court

by Steven Doyle

What might possibly be the Chinese version of tapas, dim sum is more than just a meal. It is a gathering and a ritual. Dim sum is as casual as it is formal.

For the uninitiated, dim sum is an assortment of steamed vegetables and dumplings, roasted meats, soups, noodle rolls, baked goods and tarts. Actually so much more hopefully. All the food items are presented in groups of threes in tiny steamer baskets made of bamboo or steel and hand selected based on the groups desires and shared communally with plenty of hot tea and lively conversation.               Continue reading

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Battle Of The Dallas Soup Dumpling

xlb1by Steven Doyle

For reasons unknown I go ballistic over soup dumplings about this time of year. There is no xiao long bao season that I am aware of, but perhaps this is typically the hottest time of year and I want to settle in for some lighter bites. Or perhaps I get my fill of the juicy dumpling then wait it out for a year before devouring thousands of them once again. Regardless of the reason, I have been on a self-inflicted soup dumpling tear.

Before we get started, I realize that Dallas is not the Mecca of the little dumpling. I have found better bliss in New York, Canada and of course, China. But this is where we live and I set out to find the very best in our own backyard.    Continue reading


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A Visit to Russian Banya

by Steven Doyle

Hidden in a small Carrollton shopping center on Rosemeade Parkway is a tiny oasis of Russia that is steeped up in time honored tradition of cooking and the only Banya in Texas.

Russian Banya, Spa and Cafe has Russian, Finnish and Turkish steam rooms. The Russian steam room holds a wood-burning masonry stove and is kept above 200 degrees with 40-65 percent humidity. The dry cedar-lined Finnish sauna stays between 180-210 degrees with 5 or 10 percent humidity. The Turkish sauna is a wet steam room kept at 90-110 degrees with 100 percent humidity.      Continue reading

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Soup Dumplings are on at Royal China

by Steven Doyle

In search for a bit of comfort food as the temperatures start drifting southward, I was reminded that one of my absolute favorite treats are the delightful mouthful bites called xaio long bao, or lovingly referred to in the West as a soup dumpling. Pros will simply say XLB. However you order them, first timers to the dumpling always shout as they take their first nibble.

XLB’s are traditionally made with pork and a gelatin made up of stock that when steamed inside the tiny bun release their full juiciness.    Continue reading


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Local Chef Hollie Dorethy Scores Food Network Gig

by Steven Doyle

Hollie Dorethy is the local cooking phenom featured on Season 1 of Master Chef, winner of Good Morning America Emeril Showdown, featured locally on television with great regularity and often seen hobnobbing with Food Network stars on their respective programs. Today Dorethy has informed craveDFW that she will soon have her own Food Network program.    Continue reading


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