PB&J Burger at Twisted Root

by Steven Doyle

Dallas loves a great burger, and it seems the choice for one grows exponentially daily.  Yesterday I was tipped off to a particularly odd sounding burger they are making at Twisted Root, and I happened to be in Deep Ellum at the time feeling a bit peckish so I ducked into the restaurant in hopes of finding TW’s burger of the month, the PB&J.

Admittedly it sounds pretty bad at first. Peanut butter and jelly on a burger?  Happily as it turns out that is not the case. The ‘P’ does stand for peanut butter, but the ‘B’ is bacon and the ‘J’ is jalapenos. I am down for most of that.  The B and the J sounded pretty good at that moment as well.   

Ordering the burger I sat with store manager Charles Smith and he explained the phenom burger, “ basically we started doing a burger of the month earlier this year. Jason [Boso – owner] sits down with some of the staff and decides what we will be serving and this one came up.  The saltiness of the peanut butter and the spiciness of the jalapeno works really well.  You probably are not going to want to add mayo or anything else.”

Indeed, Mr. Smith.  If that is your real name.

Soon I had the sandwich sitting before me in all its burger splendor.  Grasping the two-fisted burger I took a huge bite and chewed. Smith watched for a reaction, but I kept chewing.

The flavors started to meld together and it really made sense. I am not normally a peanut butter guy, but the spread makes for a great condiment. I now want to have jalapeno peanut butter.  And why isn’t anyone making bacon peanut butter?  Skippy, are you listening?

The burger will be available at all the Twisted Root locations through the end of the month, when they will decide a new flavor combo.  One of the passing employees suggested a turkey burger with all the Thanksgiving fixings for November. Now I want to try cranberry sauce on a bun.

The PB&J isn’t for the burger purist, and certainly not if you have peanut allergies. But for those willing to try something a bit different, check out Twisted’s burger of the month.


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4 responses to “PB&J Burger at Twisted Root

  1. Weird. But kind of looks good!
    Do Dallas Cheap

  2. Ariana

    Told you…YUMMMM!

  3. Rob

    You can get a cranberry stuffed turkey burger at Yourway – interesting combination

  4. Once, way back in the day, a friend made me try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich that turned out to have an oddly savory flavor … wonder if the PB-jalapeno combo is similar. If so, that’d be delish on a burger!!

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