Southpaw’s Opens on McKinney

by Steven Doyle

There are no shortages of restaurant openings, and this week brings its fair share including the latest outpost for Southpaw’s that is located on McKinney Avenue. Some may be familiar with the original location located in Preston Center. The menu is bright, fresh and organic.  

We spoke with the owner of Southpaw’s, Reza Anvarian, yesterday as he was stepping out of the new spot located at the street-level of the Gables Uptown Tower on McKinney and he offered, “this location is a different version of the one in Preston Center. Basically, we take good food and make it healthy. Everyone likes a good sandwich with some chips, so we did it the healthiest way possible.”

How do you make basic lunch staples healthier? There are no nitrates, preservatives, or dairy in our breads they buy from Signature Baking Company in Dallas. All of their produce is 100% organic and the meats are all natural. The stores do not carry any sugar, instead opting to use agave nectar.

The most popular menu item for the Preston location is their ZaZa Rice Bowl (8.95) which has gluten-free rice, free-range chicken breast and a choice of vegetables. The ZaZa is not on the new McKinney menu, but the Tiffany’s Avocado Bowl (6.25) made the move to the new location and is Half an avocado filled with hummus, tabbouleh, or tuna.

The name Southpaw’s is a throw-back to Anvarian’s boxing days.  Look for all natural and organic beers and wines soon.

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  1. bob

    zaza rice bowl is on the new menu

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