New State Fair Vendors Due to Deadline Confusion

by Steven Doyle

There are a few changes with the food this year at the Texas State Fair. Sure you will find all the new fried foods and familiar faces and corn dogs, but a few tried and true food vendors were replaced this year for the odd reason that the deadlines were confusing leaving a few out of the game this year.

With that said, this left the door open for new vendors to take their places and we have the short list.    

The Original Berrie Kabob: New this year selling fresh bananas and berries on a stick with white and milk chocolate drizzles that seem almost too pretty to eat. One of the healthier alternatives at the fair this year.

Chips Old Fashioned Hamburgers: Located on Pike Street inside the Kid’s Way area, this new vendor (but familiar to many Dallasites) will cater to the kiddos with a ration of new chicken fingers and burgers sold with juice boxes or sods giving parents a wonderful alternative to the giant sized meals available at the Fair. The menu also is dotted with adult burgers, so the whole family can enjoy.

Williams Chicken Tenders: The city is dotted with Williams locations and you can now find the new vendor in Cotton Bowl Plaza (one of our favorite eating spots on the fairgrounds). Look for chicken tenders with an assortment of sauces.

Later today we will run a guide with all the new foods for the 2011 Texas State Fair.


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3 responses to “New State Fair Vendors Due to Deadline Confusion

  1. Now that makes me wonder who will be missing…? The new guys all sound yummy, though!

  2. Kat

    Where is the Berry Kabob located?

  3. The chocolate berries are located at the food court in the tower building. I was just given a new list of brand new vendors and will edit to add those later today.

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