Grilling Fish with TJ’s Seafood Market

by Crave Staff

It’s a beautiful timef year to be out in the back yard, grilling for your friends and neighbors. The weather is mild and the sun is shining bright. Jon Alexis from TJ’s Seafood Market has these really cool cooking demos he does for his customers and we happened to grab one of his hand outs in advance so we could share the info with you.  if you have a chance, check out the demo this weekend.  He will be cooking up a mess of fish and sharing with all comers. More information on dates and time at the bottom of this page.    

What Fish To Grill Whole?
Your fishmonger should have a daily selection of whole fish including Red Snapper,Grouper, Striped Bass, Redfish and even Dover Sole. Whole fish average 1-3lbs.
How Do You Want Your Fish?
Tell your monger exactly how you want your fish. We suggest getting the fish scaled. Other options include “whole and gutted,” “fins off,” “head and tail off,” “scored,” etc. All simply personal preference.
Follow Your Grill Tips
Brush and oil your grill after it is hot. If marinating, do so for 20-30 min at room temperature so that you are not putting cold fish on the grill. Establish true medium heat by putting your hands over the grill…you should have to pull your hand away in 2-4 secs.
Stuff Your Gut
Stuff the gut of the fish with aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables for even more flavor.
Put A Lid On It!
Put the fish on the grill and close the lid. Don’t open again till you are ready to flip.
Perfect Timing – 10 Min Per Inch Of Fish
As a general of thumb, assume 10 min total cooking time per inch of fish at its thickest.
Get Your Hands Dirty
The best, easiest, most delicious way to eat a whole fish? Garnish and sauce, then eat family style – let everyone flake it right off the bone with a fork. Get messy!
What: TJ’s WHOLE Fish Grilling Demos (Free)
When: Saturday, October 22 · 11am & 1pm (2 demos)
Where: TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market & Catering
11661 Preston Road #149
Dallas, TX
Why:  Ever wonder why it tastes better to cook a whole fish? Meat tastes better cooked on the bone – think of a bone-in ribeye or whole-roasted chicken. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s different.
2 demos – 11am and 1pm. FREE samples


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