Gluten Free Class at Milestone

by Crave Staff

The Holidays are upon us. That means more socializing and more get togethers. In short — more eating. It can be a challenging time for people with gluten or other food sensitivities. When local alternative health broadcaster nutrition and expert Cindy Freeling became gluten free, and then later corn free, there were not a lot of options in buying foods that didn’t have these ingredients. So, as a cook she started making her own.

At holidays, Freeling would make a couple of dishes to bring to wherever she was going. Not only did it make her a good dinner guest, but also ensured her that she didn’t feel left out because of not being able to eat some of the food.  

All that baking paid off. After supplying a Los Angeles health food store with gluten free muffins, the response from customers was so positive, they dispensed with their other vendors and asked Freeling  if she would supply all of their muffins and snack bars.

Cindy will be teaching a Gluten Free Holiday cooking class this coming November 14th, 6pm at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center. All the accompaniments to a holiday dinner will be gone over. Of course, you don’t have to be Gluten Free to take the class. You’ll also get lots of nutritional advice throughout the night as Cindy talks about the benefits of all the ingredients. The cost is $99.

Call the Milestone to sign up-
Milestone Culinary Arts Center
4531 McKinney Ave.
214 217 2818

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