Flip You for Dinner

by Steven Doyle

These are times of strange yet imaginative restaurant promotions. In recent months we have seen owners give away food freely to the public, feature half priced menus, and now this little bit of intrigue from Social House Addison, located at 5100 Belt Line. The price of your dinner is determined on a coin toss.

Flip for Food Mondays starts today, November 7 at The Social House in Addison. Patrons can come in, eat to their hearts content, and- if they win the coin toss- pay for only alcohol and gratuity.   

The owners feel this is the perfect time to think of coin tosses; this event is perfectly timed for Monday Night Football. With a 123-inch projection screen and 22 televisions to choose from, The Social House is a great place to catch the game. Even if your team doesn’t fare so well, you’ll still have the chance to win big. So next time you’re feeling lucky, brush up on your coin-flipping skills and head over to The Social House for Flip for Food Mondays.

If you would like some virtual coin tossing practice, we found a website that will allow you to flip all day.

The Social House Addison
5100 Belt Line Rd.
Addison, Texas
(972) 392-4300

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