Contest! Win Dinner at Highland Park Cafeteria

by Crave Staff

It has been a while since we had a good contest, so let’s start our weekend off right with a good one.

Highland Park Cafeteria will send you a gift card for you and your family to enjoy a Christmas dinner on them if you are the lucky winner today. What a great way to spend the holidays then to have someone else make your home cooked meal?   

Growing up in Dallas we have plenty of Highland Park Cafeteria memories. We are sure you do too, so let’s hear them. Perhaps you are enchanted by their fresh baked breads, or swoon over the desserts. We will select a winner randomly, so anyone can win. If you have no HPC memories, perhaps this will be a good time to start one.

Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 North Buckner Boulevard, Dallas
(214) 324-5000


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14 responses to “Contest! Win Dinner at Highland Park Cafeteria

  1. Giant Sis

    I’ve never been, but fresh bread is my weakness so now I really want to go!

  2. We are staying in town for the holidays and would love to have a delicious place to go!

  3. I love all their foods and I need to get back there!

  4. Whenever I have family in town and no one can agree on what to eat, I almost always choose to go to HPC because of the variety and the kind service there. Everything is always cooked to perfection and dependable. It will always be a familial thing for me… such great memories. Thank you HPC!

  5. Mary Myers

    I’ve never been to this lovely place, as I moved up here fairly recently, but i’d be more than happy to try them out and be amazed and delighted!

  6. Tim Graves

    Went as a kid. This is where I learned all the president’s names.

  7. Richard Buferd

    Zucchini muffins!

  8. one of the first places i drove to and ate by myself as a teenager. got grilled cheese (obviously). love that place.

  9. Jenna

    I haven’t been so it would be cool if I won.

  10. Malvoy

    Tosses name in hat.

  11. Shelly McCrory

    I haven’t been to this cafeteria either but I hear it really is good. My grandparents used to go when it was actually in Highland Park.

  12. Nicholi

    As a kid I’d always go here to meet with my grandpa.

  13. Agnes

    I always went with my aunt and uncle in its original location.

  14. Shelly is our prize winner and she has been notified. Congrats!

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