Eat the Uber Burger, Make it a Double

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

In the short few months Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop has been open the Deep Ellum restaurant has made quite a name for itself. They make a truly fine sandwich with pretty incredible ingredients. But in the past weeks we have been hearing tall tales about their burger and decided to launch a full-on investigation.

Uncle Uber is actually Bryan and Kathy Crelly, local restaurateurs that have run other successful operations such as Fat Ted’s, Pueblo Arriba, Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill and Uptown Bar and Grill. These are no amateurs in the industry.  

“At Uncle Ubers we are a sandwich shop, but in Texas burgers are big. When we were here with Fat Ted’s we were voted as having the best burger. We use Patterson Meats, which is in Deep Ellum, they make a special mixture of meat just for us. It’s a pretty special burger and we are selling a lot of them,” said uber-sandwich maker Bryan Crelly.

And what a good burger it is. The bun is firm yet yielding, allowing the ingredients to stay intact. The beef tastes extremely fresh and plays well with the bevy of fresh veggies. Each patty is a quarter pound of great cow.   

On National Sandwich Day we included Uber’s as one of our Dallas favorites, and now this burger joins the ranks as one of the top in the city. Add their crisp and alluring fries, which are made from scratch in house, for a complete hella-good Uber meal.

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