Sunday Brunch at Oddfellows

by Joy Jangles

Oddfellows, tucked away at the heart of the Bishops Arts District serves up traditional, organic fare in a modern vintage space. The room overflows with an airy natural light with bits and pieces of flair that places you right at home. The rustic wooden tables and chairs combined with a unique concentration in the art of coffe brewing, it’s the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch.     

This week, Josh Childress, Chef de Cuisine at Oddfellows shares his fried egg sandwich and specialty pancakes. The open-faced fried egg sandwich starts with two crispy slices of white toast from Esmeralda’s Bakery, layered with heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and 2 eggs cooked to an easy perfection — it’s what you crave on weekend mornings. Coffee + egg sandwich + Sunday comics — could it get any better?

Don’t skip the pancake sampler, which comes with a red velvet pancake, pumpkin and oatmeal chocolate chip, which are Chef Josh’s specialty and certainly the rosemary breakfast potatoes with natural sea salt and cracked black pepper.

It’s what food is about here at Oddfellows: bringing fresh organic food at affordable prices. Their menu ranges from traditional recipes like their honey butter biscuits with gravy for the home-styled eaters and accommodating adventurous foodies with modern options like their duck hash with jalapenos and ranchero sauce.

They’re not only serious about food but their coffee too. Their specialty is their hand-poured drip coffee, that’s not only a wonderful show in itself but the superior flavor and quality of coffee beans makes it a must-have for coffee lovers. It makes you sit back, relax and take a moment to enjoy the finer things in life.

When asked what Chef Josh’s inspiration for his menu items were he replied —

“The seasons, the seasons just inspire me. I stay on the phone with my purveyors and ask them “Hey what do you get in that’s top of the line today? And I try to utilize that. You don’t have to pay $32 to have something organic on your plate, we find the best sources so we can offer it at affordable prices”

Joy Jangles loves a good brunch and brings you a new version each week for craveDFW. You may find more of her unique perspective and beautiful photos at Joylicious.


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8 responses to “Sunday Brunch at Oddfellows

  1. I live in the area and don’t get all the hype about Oddfellows. I’ve been there three times and the service has been very, very poor each time. Twice they’ve got the order wrong. Once they completely forgot half the order.

    So, while many people love them. Many of us are wondering why they get so much business when the continue to offer poor service…and their management doesn’t seem to want to improve it.

    • MDG

      I totally agree w/ Jeff on this one. Granted the food wasn’t too shabby…but the wait was super long, and the service was mediocre. I get that it’s hip and trendy right now so I’m assuming that is why it’s getting all the attention that it is, but places like El Jordan & Hatties which are both in the general vicinity both have excellent menus and service that is 100 times better.

      • Mike Windham

        I live in the OC as well, but I’ve not had any problems with their service. One thing I have noticed is that compared to Hatties or El Jordan, they’re about 4 times busier, so if service is slower then it’s probably due to the sheer amount of traffic. I rarely ever wait at Hatties or EJ on a weekend, where I typically have at least a 20 minute wait at Oddfellows.

  2. I love Oddfellows! Since October the food has gone to a new level! The service is not the best but for a fresh local grown meal under $20 I would never compare the service to that of Hattie’s (that doesnt support local farmers just Ben E Keith and Cisco) where you can’t get out the door for under 40$. Breakfast is the best- and now I especially love the Dinner specials!!

  3. RPO

    Where else can you get the best Fried Chicken, macoroni and cheese, and fish tostadas. They are AMAZING!

  4. Michelle Taylor

    I was raised in OC and love Oddfellows. I don’t understand why any of these bloggers are trying to compare this restaurant to others in the Bishops Arts District. They are all independent concepts! Oddfellows has a trendy yet “hippy” atmosphere with amazing artisan food! So well priced! And I do love all the new dinner specials.

  5. Samantha

    My one experience with Oddfellows was so horrendous I will never go back. The hostess wouldn’t seat me claiming there was a 45 minute wait, it was 2:15 and they closed at 3. But five minutes later when the rest of our party showed my friend asked for a table and she said yes! Apparently she just didn’t like me. Our waitress forgot our water, which was the only drinks we ordered. It took an hour to get our food and when it arrived it was cold. Did I mention it was my birthday lunch? So lame!

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