Updated: Service Bar Closes This Weekend After 20 Years

by Bryan Coonrod

This weekend the Service Bar closes it’s doors after a 20 year run on Lower Greenville. I’m sure many of you have visited the bar or have heard some crazy story from someone else. The new Special Use Permit laws the city of Dallas passed last year has certainly turned Lower Greenville Avenue into a ghost town with only a handful of bars being allowed to stay in business. And now The Service bar has finally thrown in the towel and shut down.

The Service Bar was one of the first bars in Dallas to implement the modern version of a service industry night on Tuesdays in the early 90’s and many clubs today still have their own ( S.I.N. nights ). Those Tuesday nights were quite memorable. There was always a huge line to enter and getting a drink usually meant passing money over three to four people to the bartender to have a drink passed back to you as you squeezed into any open spot you could find.   

Over the years the block had it’s highs and lows and it was the lows of recent times that were the nails in the coffin for this iconic bar for Dallas nightlife. I personally was able to enjoy some quite memorable times both as a customer and a DJ there and can honestly say it will be sad to see it go. From bands both local and national to actors and comedians, you never knew who or what you might see on a visit.

This Saturday will be your last chance to visit before it closes the doors so go drink some beer and raise some hell because that’s the best way to send off The Service Bar. If you have any memories feel free to share them with the rest of the craveDFW readers.

Update: We just received word that the Service bar has been given a short-term reprieve on closure and now has until the end of February to shut down.



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3 responses to “Updated: Service Bar Closes This Weekend After 20 Years

  1. Wow! Really takes me back to my “waiter” days. So many memories (some I couldn’t mention here) and always a great time. It was one of the 1st business models I remember witnessing that did something to set themselves apart with the whole S.I.N. thing- they will be missed!

    Mark McDaniel
    Chef and Owner, ReMARKable Affairs Catering

  2. Jeff


  3. Kent Waller

    We opened on May 6 1991. Had a great time for almost 13 years before selling. By the look of the pics I see on this site, the current owners kept up the same spirit we had. God bless ‘The Service Bar” and all The employees and regular customers. “Back to the Basics”
    Kent Waller and Dean Breakell
    Origanial owners and operators of the “Service Bar”

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