A Perfect Reuben at Old World Sausage Company

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

Strolling through Shed Two at the Dallas Farmer’s Market I discovered a few new tenants and one that we have seen repeatedly for several years. I have actually enjoyed stopping in to visit with the Old World Sausage Company for the fantastic Sinatra tunes they play all day. But our usual is the Vienna Dog, or as I lovingly refer to it as the Chi Dog.

You know the dog. It’s the one with the firm poppy seed bun and plenty of toppings including sport peppers and that crazy neon green relish. It’s distinctively Chicago as are the owners of old World, Al and Adrianne Capua.            

While looking through the specials they were offering this day I spotted something new. They sell a very home-made looking strudel in many flavors. The strudel I tried was cheese, but they had at least four others with fruit. The strudel was crisp and wrapped in flavor.

Then I saw another couple chowing on a cannoli. That’s the Sicilian pastry tube filled with a rich concoction of mascarpone cheese and a dab of tiny chocolate chips on the end. They fill their cannoli to order with their own blend of filling.

Now I’m on a roll, but not the poppy seed variety today. Looking around to see what others had ordered, Al looks at me and asks if I had tried the Reuben Sandwich they make. I hadn’t. Minutes later I am handed a large plate dominated by just half of the sandwich. I was splitting this one with a friend and they made a plate for each of us. Good thing, too. It is a massive sandwich on it’s own for a very humble cost of $6.95.

The massive half of the Reuben was filled with a giant stack of freshly sliced pastrami imported from New York and topped with a delicious special blend of kraut and Adrianne’s secret horseradish sauce. Unbelievable.

You will love meeting Al and Adrianne. They work well together. Al enjoys cooking, but Adrianne is more of an artist who likes conjuring the recipes. After years in the auto industry they both get a kick out of preparing food from their native Chicagoland. You can find them at various food events around town including the upcoming Irish Festival this Spring where they will offer their homemade sausages (yes, Al makes his own Italian sausage) and that haunting strudel.

Old World delivers and is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 3pm. Thursday through Sunday they open 10am to 5pm.


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9 responses to “A Perfect Reuben at Old World Sausage Company

  1. James

    I just had lunch here. Thank you for the recommendation. New favorite spot! I saw Al and he looked like he was having fun.

  2. Jenna

    I will eat whatever you tell me to eat!

  3. Rennet

    I want this and I want t noooooow. That looks like a mighty fine sandwich.

  4. Dalas

    Had a recent visit. Old World Sausage, Good Ol’ friends and good eats. Who could go wrong? Tell Al and Adianne, Dalas sent cha.

  5. Marisa & John

    The food is excellent but the owners are even better…. Wonderful attention and lots of smiles!…. Al and Adrianne make your food with love, that’s why it tastes soooo gooood!!!!!
    Love you!!!!

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