Opa! Pass the Saganaki

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

What’s not to like about flaming cheese?  That is why we set out to find one of the city’s best  versions of saganaki and headed far north to Plano Frisco for a visit to Platia Greek Kouzina.

Move over spanikopita. Yes we love your flaky layers of phyllo and spinach. Of course we adore the ktapadi, the grilled octopus charred in a red vinaigrette.  But the saganaki is the blazing stuff we were craving as we passed through the doorway.  

Opa!  It is a celebration dish. Saganaki comes screaming across your table just to invite you to slather your pita with its cheesiness. As the flames lap upwards the dish is doused with lemon juice and devoured while still sizzling.

The dish is a throwback it its American roots in Chicago’s Greektown where they first ignited the dish that is rationally just fried.

Now you know where to find this in Dallas. bring your own Greek wine and Ouzo, this place is BYOB.


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2 responses to “Opa! Pass the Saganaki

  1. collin

    You drove through Plano into Frisco

  2. I hate when that happens

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