ChocolateFest In Grapevine This Weekend

by Steven Doyle

When a physician tells us to do something we generally take heed. Recently we spoke to Dr Sue Williams who also happens to own Dr Sue’s Chocolate. The good doc is all about eating healthy, fighting obesity and generally staying fit, and she recommends we eat her chocolate.

Dr Sue uses European-style dark chocolate chockfull of cacao flavanols (that’s the healthy part) then adds various super foods such as blueberries and ginger to create the perfect treat.   

This isn’t diet food by any stretch, Dr Sue’s is amazing chocolate that should be savored.

You can try Dr Sue’s chocolates this weekend at the 8th Annual ChocolateFest in Grapevine. Your $15 will buy your way in to sample chocolate from many restaurants, bakeries and chocolatiers from around the area. There will be live music and other entertainment, along with chocolate judging, people’s choice contests and more.

Check out the website for all the fun details. Eat chocolate and stay healthy.

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