Wachu TacoBot Willis? Nueva Casita

by Danielle Leahy          photos by Bryan Coonrod

Nueva Casita on Blackwell is located in a charming little stone building behind the Half Price Books off Northwest Highway. Boasting an all taco menu for just the Tacobots with 9 different tacos (including crispy tacos, my illicit taco love affair) we got straight down to business so we could enjoy the Tuesday night Karaoke going on after we finished.

First up were the house chips and salsa. Maybe my taco eating powers have increased my spice handling capabilities (or maybe it was my tussle with Bryan’s insane Devil’s Blood salsa last meet up) but I found the house salsa could use a little more heat, luckily they have two more salsa’s (red and green) that packed the kind of punch we were looking for and they were more than happy to bring us out as much as we needed. And in a few cups of their delicious queso and we were ready to go.        

With a menu including crispy or soft beef and chicken tacos, beef and chicken fajita, guiso, chorizo, bean and cheese, fried or grilled fish, and the special (beef, cheese, and bean) there was definitely a taco for everyone on the menu.

The run away hit of the night was definitely the guiso taco. Also called the stew taco by the Bots this one is steeped in sauce and cooked with potato and carrot, a perfect match for the weather as the cold front rolled in. The chorizo was another stand-out with all the rich spicy goodness one would expect. I found the basic crispy beef tacos to be just what I was looking for. They came out with meat, lettuce, and tomato with cheese (really good cheese actually, I wanted to eat it straight out of the container) on the side.

The margaritas were killer and gave us just the liquid courage we needed to get up in front of the crowd and start singing the hits for some Tacobot Karaoke.

But it was the mini-bots who ran away with the show. If you’ve never seen elementary schooler belt out LMFAO’s “Everyday I’m Shuffling” I recommend you do it as soon as possible. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night.

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One response to “Wachu TacoBot Willis? Nueva Casita

  1. ckjim

    Yes The food was Great I had the Chicken Chilli Reino It was definitely somthing I would order again along with the Charo Beans Wow And Mararitas got some Kick and good Flavor . Also so check out El Cayote Rojo in Rockwall. Owned by the same people of this place . Fun place to go. Both places – Jim

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