Oral Fixation Has a Field Day

by Steven Doyle

We are fascinated with these spoken word shows like The Moth on NPR which is basically a story slam. People from all walks of life come out on stage with their amazing real life tales and spend the next ten minutes bearing their souls to the audience. It can be quite moving and extreme on entertainment.   

Dallas has its own version of The Moth and it is headed up by Nicole Stewart who happens to be the grand daughter of the late Juanita and Henry S. Miller, Jr.. Stewart owns a private Pilates practice “Pilates with Nicole” and her workouts have been seen On-Demand.

At night, at least once a month, Stewart is intrigued with this marvelous storytelling adventure and hosts Oral Fixation, An Obsession With True Life Tales. Sounds titillating, and it truly can be. The April show features seven stories on the theme “Have a Field Day.” From nostalgic tales of three-legged races to winning the State ring to losing all credibility by a press scandal.

Tuesday, April 17th at 7:30pm at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary is the fourth show in Dallas’ only storytelling series. The last theme of the season is “Cooking with Gas” on May 15th. Stewart is currently accepting submissions.

All shows are held at The MAC in Uptown, 3120 McKinney Avenue, 75204. It’s a bright blue building and there is plenty of free parking in the lot. Further information and $10 tickets for purchase are available at her website.


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