The Drink Of the Week Is A Beer

by Steven Doyle

Because I have been tasting so much wine this past week I dropped in to visit Oliver DeBose, barman and manager at Common Table.  This guy is super passionate about his suds and we threw a few questions at him and tasted some of his favorite beers.  DeBose is always entertaining and think you will be refreshed by his beer banter.

I want a beer, so what is new?

We are very excited to host the official roll out of Ballast Point here last Wednesday where we premiered the Calico Amber, the Sculpin IPA, the Big Eye IPA and their Yellowtale Pale Ale. The Sculpin is the one we were really excited about; it is consistently one of the highest rated IPA’s with resounding reviews. It’s a very different IPA with a lot of fruit up front, its nose is big and floral, very citrusy with little hints of pine and is very, very dry.

At 7% ABV you don’t want to slam four or five of the bombers. Sculpin is named after a very ugly fish and is a great way to describe the beer. You have to watch yourself because the spikes on the fish are poisonous but its meat is sought after. That describes this beer very well.  If you don’t watch out it will sting you, and it will get you. But it is definitely a sough after beer.

How did you land this beer,  I heard it was new to Texas and hard to find?

We have been asking for Ballast Point for six months. We had heard that they were making their way to Texas and you don’t know who is getting it. You don’t know how anything is working.  So you start asking the distributor. We were relentless in our pursuit trying to make sure we got these beers. It is a great honor.

What are some of your favorites these days?

I have always been a fan of the Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, we have that in a bomber and it’s just so good.  I like big IPAs and this one just rips the enamel off your teeth and says bad things about your mother, and you’re like “I am really OK with this”.

I also really love Deep Ellum Dream Crusher. It’s an even bigger IPA.  It’s local and I think what they did on that beer is nothing short of miraculous. It’s big and it’s hoppy but has a lot of balance in there.   It has this wonderful malt backbone and really stands up to the hops they put in there. I can’t stop drinking that beer, but at 10% ABV I have got to stop drinking that beer. It will get you.

What can Dallas look forward to on the happy beer front?

I am looking forward to the Big Texas Beer Festival April 14th.  It will be good to actually watch one pulled off.  We have been threatened with them in the past.  We have had them in Plano, but this is going to be a true craft beer festival. All the local guys will be there. Stone will be there.  I imagine we will get a visit from Saint Arnold along with Real Ale and Brooklyn. I haven’t seen the whole line up, but I am really excited about the event. For those that were burned by Dallas Beer Week, this will make it up to us.

Anything coming up at Common Table?

Dogfishtival is coming April 28, 2012 with 21 Dogfish Head beers on tap and will be almost a full tap take over.  We will stagger certain tappings. Some of those kegs are slim so they will go fast. We will open the gates straight up at 11am and won’t be doing flights. Should be an awesome day.



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  1. Oliver DuBose

    Cheers, thanks for the article

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    That guys looks like an arse-hole! Just kidding babe – I adore you!

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