Monthly Food Truck Rally On Henderson

by Steven Doyle

The past year Dallas and Fort Worth have been on the fast track to make up for their sins of omission with regards to food trucks.  It is the single most hottest buzz word in the game just behind craft beer and cocktails. Toss Scotch Eggs into that mix as well.  Those are popping up everywhere.

The latest trick in the charity book is to offer the food truck rally, which is absolutely genius if you think about that. Very little in the way of costs are involved.  Throw out a band, a few rental cops and press releases and you have yourself an event.        

This is also a great way to bring people into your shopping center. Starting April 5th Sunflower Market along with DFW Food Truck Group present ” The Parking Lot ” A once month first Thursdays mini event.

Here is a short list of participants. Note a few new names on the list. Our Curb Grub Chefs, Good Karma Kitchen, Gepetto’s Pizza (first run to Dallas), Little Vessel Grill, Nammi, Rock And Roll Tacos, 3 Lions, Four Season’s, Rockstar Bakeshop, and  Easy Slider.

This event runs 6pm until 10pm and will feature a band with two sets through out the evening. We will be there for sure.


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