Private Social Crawfish Boil Set For April 21

by Steven Doyle

You remember that Tiffany Derry is from Beaumont, right?  Well, this is crawfish season and the chef-owner of Private Social is about to throw down one of her family-style crawfish boils the way they do it in Beaumont.    

You are invited to stop in April 21, 2012 between 12 to 3pm for your fill of all the crawfish, potatoes, corn and sausage you care to enjoy.  The boil is $20 and you can supplement that with Rocco’s Ramos Gin Fizz for an extra $6.

This is your chance to get the real deal along with awesome live music. Make your reservations today, but she will alow for walk-in guests.


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2 responses to “Private Social Crawfish Boil Set For April 21

  1. I just learned to love crawfish and OF COURSE I will be out of town for this. So sad.

  2. I don’t know about you but this surely gives me enough reason to crave for a boil crawfish and totally gives me the idea to host my own crawfish feast this coming weekend… Thanks for the thoughts…

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