Our Newest, Bestest Buddies: The Scotch Egg And Arancini

by Steven Doyle

Move over pizza and burgers and make way for a few new fads that have been invading menus all over Dallas. Last September I waxed on about how much arancini was a lovely little bite that made me smile and recall a  restaurant in Lucrino, Italy from just a few years back. I was not aware that I would be reminded of the tiny Mediterranean city nearly every day just months later.

Arancini are the small bites of fried risotto usually stuffed with cheese or vegetables, and have made their way on to most menus in the city.  Just a few nights ago I sampled a crab and black truffled version that was insanely good at Marquee Grill.  I don’t mind seeing these daily on menus, they are a fun bite and can be dressed up quite nicely for almost any occasion. If you are a chef contemplating these for your menu, take a page from the Tre Wilcox cookbook.  His kick some major bao.             

Another phenomenon crossing menus with regularity is the Scotch Egg.  This is the little devil that is generally a boiled egg wrapped in ground sausage and coated before frying.  A simple dish that is a bit pedestrian in the UK and sold at most markets there as a picnic food.  It is also a great bar snack as it can be eaten without all the usual requisite utensils.

I could list off at least a dozen pubs that now carry Scotch Eggs, but it would be easier to name drop just a few delicious versions.

For his bright authenticity, I adore the Scotch Egg at Central 214 that Graham Dodds is rolling out nightly. There is no doubt that the chef can cook, but the egg is wunderbar in its simplicity and execution

The newly opened Standard Pour makes a pretty nice Scotch Egg as well.  In fact, while you are there sample all the small plates that are tricked up versions of their usual counterpart. The Standard Pour chef Krstic creates a Scotch Egg that will make you want to play cricket with Andrew Chalk.

On both the Scotch Egg and Arancini watch out for dry or haggard versions that can sneak up on you and make you drain the pub’s kegs with a single gulp.

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