Food and Fundraising on Wheels: Thanking DFW Food Trucks

by Lily Watson

Food trucks have been popping up across the U.S. for the past few years, and Dallas and Fort Worth have been lucky enough to be a major part of that movement. I love going over to the Dallas Arts District for food truck lunch on Friday for some street tacos, a sweet snack and an extra side of Vitman D as I soak up the sun at my picnic table.

My first day at the Red Cross I toured our facilities and was introduced to our Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs for short). These trucks go out to major home fires or communities affected by disaster distributing beverages, snacks and even hot meals to victims and relief workers. I remember the eyebrows raising on my tour guide as I delightfully exclaimed, “Wow! Who knew the Red Cross had our very own line of food trucks?!” Read more at Red Alert

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