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Fearing Plays At Green Elephant To Benefit Red Cross


What do celebrity chefs and busy execs do when they get away from the kitchen and board room? They rock out for the Red Cross! Please join us at the Green Elephant Bar for a special concert by The Lost Coyote Band, featuring nationally acclaimed chef Dean Fearing, Dave Brummell, Dave Cook and Dallas Area Chapter board member Bob Boulogne on drums. 100% of proceeds from the concert and exciting live auction benefit the American Red Cross Dallas Area Chapter.                   Continue reading

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Red Cross Thoughts on Big Tex Fire

by Anita Foster from Red Alert

Big Tex, the 60 year-old cowboy who towers above everything at the State Fair of Texas, is as much a part of the iconic Dallas, Texas landscape as J.R. Ewing and the Dallas Cowboys. To see him burn was a shock to fair-goers, television viewers and Twitter addicts. People felt helpless to do anything to save Big Tex. When the fire was out, all that remained were memories of better days.
At the Red Cross, we’ve talked a lot about the Big-Tex fire because the reaction of people mirrors what real victims of disaster experience every day. Your “breaking news” happens when a neighbor or your local fire department calls to tell you your home is on fire. You rush to get there.
Just as the crowd assembled at the base of Big Tex to watch the devastation unfold, your neighbors will do the same. They’ll desperately want to help save your home, but there’s nothing anyone can do so they’ll shoot some photos with a smart phone and post to their Facebook page.   Firefighters will fight the blaze with all they have

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Support the Red Cross this Weekend! Do-Good Dining and Diversions in Dallas

If you’re planning date night in the Dallas area this weekend or are just looking for a good reason to up the fun-factor on your plans, there are some great local businesses supporting the Red Cross read more at Red Alert

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Say Cheese! Norma’s Café Partners with the Red Cross for National Grilled Cheese Day

by Lilly Watson

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Since beginning our service to North Texas tornado victims on Tuesday, April 3, the American Red Cross has served 8,795 meals to families affected by the storms and relief workers. That staggering number does not include the 26,140 beverages and snacks that we’ve also distributed in Dallas, Tarrant and Kaufman counties.  Read more at Red Alert.

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Food and Fundraising on Wheels: Thanking DFW Food Trucks

by Lily Watson

Food trucks have been popping up across the U.S. for the past few years, and Dallas and Fort Worth have been lucky enough to be a major part of that movement. I love going over to the Dallas Arts District for food truck lunch on Friday for some street tacos, a sweet snack and an extra side of Vitman D as I soak up the sun at my picnic table.

My first day at the Red Cross I toured our facilities and was introduced to our Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs for short). These trucks go out to major home fires or communities affected by disaster distributing beverages, snacks and even hot meals to victims and relief workers. I remember the eyebrows raising on my tour guide as I delightfully exclaimed, “Wow! Who knew the Red Cross had our very own line of food trucks?!” Read more at Red Alert

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Winter Is Here! Keep It A Safe One

by Red Alert

The holiday season is about the weather changing, being thankful, spending time with family, giving back, celebrating Christmas, Hannakuh, Kwanzaa and more, and, in my case at least, eating — too much. With old man winter coming to visit, it’s an opportunity for Red Cross to educate and remind us about how to be safe as we’re driving, shopping, cooking and entertaining. Read more at Red Alert…


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