New Menu At Bolsa Starts Today

by Steven Doyle

Today is certainly a Good Friday. Many of you are off from work and enjoying this beautiful day, spending time with family and friends.  I am personally invigorated by the freshness of Spring, and have the perfect spot for you to celebrate today.  Last night I was given a sneak preview to the Bolsa new menu and it is nothing short of breath taking.

Chef Jeff Harris has really shined on this new menu, taking advantage of all the new Spring vegetables provided him by our local farmers like Tom Spicer and Eden Creek Farms. We are actually planning a full on report for Monday morning, but we managed a few snapshots last night and wanted to give you fuel to run out to the Oak Cliff restaurant.  If you have managed to avoid the place this long, perhaps it is time to check out Bolsa and what chef Harris is creating along with his exec-sous Matt Balke.                

When you stop in this weekend be sure to check out the charcuterie plate. Harris it’s a home-run with antelope pate and duck rillettes. Also the roasted beet salad is one of the finer examples in the city and he uses the sparky Caprino Royale chevre and Three Happy Cows yogurt.

Pictured above you will find a sampling of the new sweetbreads laced with lardons and  and a sherry-maple gastrique.  This is food for the gods.

The lamb breast served with Tuscan kale and baby artichokes is one of my favorite new Harris plates. The lamb breast is sous vide then pan crisped for a soothing texture finished off with a crunchy goodness that is similar to pork belly, but with so much more flavor (if you can imagine).

In addition to the new menu, Bolsa has taken on a new cocktail philosophy. Somewhere in my notes I have the new terminology, but basically bad boy bartender Kyle Hilla is making market-fresh cocktails infused with the bounty of the day, and relying less on the weary pre-Prohibition style that has been floating around town.  I have been following Hilla for some time, and have witnessed first-hand the barmen winning more than his share of industry contests.

When sampling the new menu try out Hilla’s Luchador that is made with honeydew, fennel-infused Hendrick’s gin, tarragon, lime and ginger beer. It screams springtime.

There is so much more in the offering, and I don’t want to take away from what I have planned for Monday’s report, but had to share this passionate menu.  To me this is what makes Spring so very special.

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