Monica’s and ME Lounge Opening Soon

by Jerry Stewart

Monica’s Aca y Alla will go through a facelift within the next couple of months.  Her current partners have decided to remain at 2914 Main Street in Deep Ellum and will reopen as a (yet-to-be-named) new Mexican restaurant. Monica will be consulting on this venture but not actively involved. Her main focus will now turn to her new venture: Monica’s and ME Lounge.

Located at the ilume  at 4123 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, Monica’s and ME Lounge is scheduled to open July 12, 2012.  Yes, I know her new venture was supposed to be Tajin, but the decision to close Monica’s Aca y Alla caused a change in plans.      

The recent closure of Axiom Sushi (which was next door to her intended Tajin location) gave Monica the opportunity to take over that space as well, giving her 7,600 square footage at ilume.  The Axiom Sushi space will be converted to ME Lounge where guests can enjoy a casual dining experience with a limited menu, taco bar, drinks, live music and a spacious outdoor area for dining, drinking, lounging and enjoying friends. 

What was the Tajin space is now becoming Monica’s. Those who are still mourning the closure of Ciudad will rejoice at the new menu that Monica’s will serve. Greene will bring Aca y Alla favorites like Mexican Lasagna and Greene Pasta with her to this new concept but diners will also enjoy a unique menu with a Mexico City flair; including street food, fresh seafood, game, and exotic dishes.

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