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Dallas Enchilada All Star Line Up

by Steven Doyle

Growing up in Dallas it would be difficult to avoid the enchilada. The Tex-Mex beauties delicately filled, rolled and sauced for your dining pleasure. And what great memories most Texans have as children growing up noshing on the humble enchilada each Wednesday in our public schools, the same day that El Fenix  offers their inexpensive deal on enchiladas. Perhaps some lay in puddles of grease, but we know how to sop that up with a tortillas for an extra side-car treat.

This past week we craved enchiladas and sought them out with vengeance. This began as our five favorites, but as we started in on them the list grew. Enjoy these enchiladas are in no particular order because Cinco de Mayo and all.

By the way, the list does not include marvelous Mexican restaurants such as Jose. We certainly do not consider them in the same category as Tex Mex.

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Cedars Social To Re-Open With Modern Mexican Menu

IMG_0889by Steven Doyle

Sixteen years ago a young chef named Anastacia Quinones approached restaurateur Monica Greene looking to work at the famed Ciudad in Dallas, which at the time was Greene’s premier modern Mexican restaurant located in Dallas. It wasn’t necessarily a good fit then, but fast forward to this week and we find the couple have finally teamed up for something new in the Cedars Social space. The name will remain Cedar Social, but the cuisine will be all about modern Mexican.

“I have put together the dream team which includes Anastacia Quinones and Leann Berry, and business partner Frankie Jimenez,” Greene told us today. Continue reading


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Pegaso in Fort Worth Opens August 19


From the world of press releases we find this in our in-box today. Pegaso has been reported as Monica Greene’s new restaurant, but in actuality Miss Monica is consulting partner on the project. As a fast casual concept it looks mightily like BEE (Best Enchilada Ever) in Oak Cliff was. You remember BEE, the fast casual build-your-own burrito bar. Miss that place, because thy were pretty damned good enchiladas.  Anyway, on to the press release business.   Continue reading

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Monica’s Nueva Cocina Now Open For Lunch

by Steven Doyle

Word is that Monica Greene’s new hot spot on Cedar Springs is now serving lunch. Now you have another reason to try out her Mexico City influenced cuisine that harkens back to her old Cuidad days.

Check out our interview with Monica last month just before the opening to see what the hubbub is all about.

Monica’s Nueva Cocina is located at 4123 Cedar Springs in Dallas.



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One On One With Monica Greene

by Steven Doyle

Monica Greene has been busier than ever. On the heels of opening up her fast and casual BEE (Best Enchilada Ever) in Bishop Arts and walking away from her name sake Monica’s Aca y Alla in Deep Ellum (now Maracas Mexican Restaurant), she is days away from opening up her latest concept, Monica’s Nueva Cocina and ME Lounge at Illume on Cedar Springs.

The new Nueva Cocina is all about her latest take on the fresh flavors of Mexico City with authentic house-made moles, fresh tortillas from stone ground corn and seasonal dishes that she plans to change with the seasons. This all originated after a sabbatical in Aspen where she ran a vegetarian restaurant and looked after her health, often walking miles each day in the mountains and losing 30 pounds.

Monica told us yesterday that she had to make a decision to come back to Dallas to be with her grandchild and take care of her house which had been empty for the past three years. And to open Nueva Cocina which she feels is a proper concept for these times.             Continue reading


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Monica’s and ME Lounge Opening Soon

by Jerry Stewart

Monica’s Aca y Alla will go through a facelift within the next couple of months.  Her current partners have decided to remain at 2914 Main Street in Deep Ellum and will reopen as a (yet-to-be-named) new Mexican restaurant. Monica will be consulting on this venture but not actively involved. Her main focus will now turn to her new venture: Monica’s and ME Lounge.

Located at the ilume  at 4123 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, Monica’s and ME Lounge is scheduled to open July 12, 2012.  Yes, I know her new venture was supposed to be Tajin, but the decision to close Monica’s Aca y Alla caused a change in plans.       Continue reading

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