Tales of the Cocktail, Friday Highlights

by Jef Tingley and Steven Lindsey, photos by Jerrett Morris, Rodrigo Orta and random strangers
After a late night of tasting rooms, parties and general French Quarter debauchery, the craveDFW mobile team hit Tales of the Cocktail hard on Friday. Despite some rain, we made it to some great events. Here’s just a glimpse of what people can expect who attend the biggest ongoing cocktail party in the world.    
Though Tales of the Cocktail started out, and continues to be, an event for bartenders and beverage industry insiders, a growing number of consumers are joining in on the fun. So if you love cocktails, save the date for next year. It’s a great way to experience New Orleans. At least from what you’ll remember.
The craveDFW Tales of the Cocktail team at Friday morning’s Taste of Trinidad tasting room sponsored by Angostura Bitters.

Crave contributors Steven Lindsey and Rodrigo Orta with Ted Lange, “Isaac the Bartender” from The Love Boat. Taken at the Guilty Pleasures tasting room from Disaronno and Tia.

The top photo are cocktails created for The Spirit of Italy 2012 Artisanal Italian Liqueurs luncheon.

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