Tootie Pie Now Open In Allen

by Steven Doyle

Nothing satisfies more than a hearty slice of mom’s apple pie. Well, for me it was cherry, but you get the idea. This weekend I ran across a pie shop that simply blew me away. Not only with their wonderful and innovative take on pie, but with their delightful, homey service.            

The back story on how the pie company came to fruition is interesting. It all started with a handful of recipes etched out by prize pie baker Ruby Lorraine “Tootie” Feagan.  For many years Tootie sold pie out of her home and eventually at a local market in her home town, Medina.

Tootie’s popularity grew as her pies won baking contests all over the Texas Hill Country. For the next five years, Tootie continued baking as many pies as she could. She opened a small bakery in Medina and sold her fresh, handmade creations to her adoring customers until 2005.

In 2004 Don Merrill read an article on Tootie and her famous pies and convinced her to sell him the recipes. Merrill started Tootie Pie with Tootie still on the payroll and shareholder. The company is now based in Boerne, Texas with locations in Austin, San Antonio, Frisco and now Allen, Texas.

The pies are pretty incredible, but there is more to Tootie than a slab of crust and fruit. Certainly the apple pie is a favorite as it sells out almost daily. Tootie’s coconut pie won a national pie contest, and her buttermilk pie was listed as one of the top ten in the nation by Yahoo.

In addition to thick slices and whole pies, you will also find pies covered in chocolate, frozen and on a stick. That is some crazy pie.

Each day Tootie’s has a pie happy hour where you can select tiny portions of various pies served in junior champagne glass which gives you an opportunity to select your favorite pie to take home.

Tootie’s also has a nice selection of sandwiches, soups and salads to offset all that pie you will want to eat.

Tootie Pie Gourmet Café

190 Stacy Rd
Ste 1408
Allen, TX 75002

(972) 912-2233

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  1. sofie t.

    It’d be helpful for the article to include a link to the cafe (or some indication of its location in Allen), and also what time the pie happy hour is.

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