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Happy Pi Day, Ya’ll

piby Steven Doyle

On March 12, 2009 your lawmakers  passed a non-binding resolution (HRES 224) recognizing March 14, 2009 as National Pi Day. It is one of the more legit holidays we discuss here, and it is actually an homage to geeks everywhere who see the date as a reason to celebrate due to its mathematical implications. We say any reason to celebrate anything is just fine by us.

Since we are predominately about food we will suggest a few places to actually enjoy a pi(e) in Dallas.   Continue reading

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Pie and Beer Makes for a Perfect Sunday Funday

luck1by Steven Doyle

LUCK in Trinity Groves never shied away from anything non-conventional. Think about their unusual doughnut-beer pairings that they perform on a regfular basis.  We do love beer, and of course those warm and wonderful doughnuts from Glazed in Deep Ellum make our eyes roll to the back of our head.   Continue reading

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Celebrate With Great Joy National Pie Day In Dallas

DSC05160by Steven Doyle

I have these lovely country loving Amish friends who when you see them will regale you with pie.  These are by far the best pie bakers in the pie loving universe, and they do their magic without the means of a modern kitchen. It is a loving relationship that began with a slice of raisin cream pie. This is how all relationships should begin.

Today is National Pie Day, and I believe this springs up several times each year. No matter, it is a wonderful time to grab a slice or two around town, and of course, we have a list.

Continue reading

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You’ve Gotta Try Some WOATS

DSC08300by Steven Doyle

Justin Anderson was but a lad of 16 when he decided to take over his mother’s kitchen and create a soft granola snack. Justin was wearing braces on his teeth at the time and the young scout had a flair for making things happen even at an early age. After borrowing $500 from his grandmother his brand of trail mix was born.

Flash forward to more modern times and Justin is still rather young (a mere 26), but recently started selling a new soft oats mix called WOATS in Central Market who has an exclusive on the product for now. Soon the WOATS will enjoy a wide distribution.   Continue reading

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A Bolsa Mercado Pie Moment


We just wanted to make sure you had a chance at one of these pies at Bolsa Mercado. White Chocolate Banana Cream.


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Guy Got Punked

guy1by Steven Doyle

Guy Fieri is a very easy target. This is the same Guy who opened up his new restaurant recently to crazy reviews gaining national attention for serving up horrific food in what is now dubbed as the “Ed Hardy District” of New York, or otherwise known as Times Square.  This is also the same Fieri restaurant that Anthony Bourdain dubbed as a “terror dome”, whatever that might be. Even Uncle Nancy hated the place.

Mr. Fieri is back in the news today after a person of genius registered the domain name and went on a rampage with a fake menu for the restaurant. Guy’s real domain name for Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar is

The fake Fieri site lists some entertaining dining options such as Guy’s Big Balls which is a 4 pound ball of Rice-A-Roni encrusted mozzarella served with a side of Guy’s Signature Cadillac Cream Sauce and maximum well-done duck skin.

Other fake favorites include the Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam which is 38-ounces of super-saddened  Cheez gutted wolf meat. That appetizer will set you back fifty bucks, but it feeds a whole crowd of hipsters.

Jump with us to witness what happens when you do not register alternative names for your restaurant and you happen to be Guy Fieri.  Continue reading


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